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Quote and buy Special Event Insurance in Bridgeville, PA, Beaver, Butler and surrounding areas.

Whether you’re hosting a charity event, wedding or other special event, you need to protect your bottom line.  There’s no reason insurance for a low liability event should cost an arm and a leg.  You can purchase special event liability insurance starting under $100.
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Special Event Insurance

Wedding and Rehearsal Insurance

Some things to keep in mind when purchasing event liability insurance and wedding insurance.

Below is some information about some of the coverages available for your event insurance.  If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to call us.

For a full list of eligible events click here.

How do I provide the venue with a copy of my insurance?

Once you’ve completed the purchase of your policy you can print an insurance certificate.  This is the document to provide to anyone requesting your insurance.

Some venues will ask to be named as an additional insured.  This can easily be done while you are quoting your coverage.

What is liability?

In short, a liability claim occurs when there is property damage or bodily injury to a third party.

When you rent a facility or host an event, you may be held responsible for damage or injuries.  This includes damages and injuries to spectators, volunteers, the facility or other properties or people due to activities related to the event.  Essentially, you can be held financially responsible for anything that happens because of the event.

Event liability insurance protects you from these law suits.  This includes the cost to defend as well as payment of the claim if you lose the suit.

Aggregate limit, what’s that?

Your policy  has an occurrence limit and separately, an aggregate limit of liability.  The occurrence limit is the most that your policy will pay for any one claim.  The aggregate limit is the most that the policy will pay if there are multiple claims.

You’ll likely have an occurrence limit of $1,000,000 (although higher limits may be available).  Keep in mind, for just a few dollars you can increase the aggregate limit to $5,000,000 (or more!).

When do I need liquor liability?

If you sell alcohol, then you will likely need liquor liability coverage.  If your event includes alcohol in any capacity, you may want to call and talk about this.

Your policy includes host liquor coverage (not to be confused with liquor liability coverage).  Host Liquor only provides coverage for those who are not ‘in the business of serving, selling, distributing, manufacturing or supplying alcohol’.

How do I know if I need Hired and Non-owned Auto Liability?

All events use a vehicle in some capacity.

If you rent a vehicle to be used for an event, then you need hired auto coverage.  For instance, a U-Haul rented for the day to haul equipment to the fair to set up a booth is a hired auto.

Non-owned auto is for autos that you don’t own, but are acting on your behalf.  Let’s say run a small charity and your cousin is helping you with an event.  The charity does not own a vehicle.  So your cousin is using his vehicle to bring supplies to a church.  If your cousin has an accident then the charity may be sued.  In this case, non-owned auto will protect the charity since the vehicle was being used on their behalf.

Medical Expenses, wait I though that was included in liability?

Yes, you’re right. Liability does include bodily injury to others.  Medical Coverage is a just for minor injuries.  If it exceeds that small amount (let’s say $5000), then it goes to the liability limit.

The thought is, you don’t want your donors, guests, patrons, or attendees to have to sue you because of a small injury.  So this limit is applied so that a law suit does not need to be initiated.  This helps show good faith between you and the people attending your event.

Policy Exclusions

Special event insurance policies typically exclude the list below.  Read and understand your policy to make sure.

Aircraft, all acts of terrorism, asbestos liability, claims made by athletic participants, employment related practices, fungi and bacteria, hepatitis, HIV, HTVL, AIDS, transmissible Spongiform encephalopathy, lead poisoning, nuclear energy liability, pyrotechnics activity, total pollution, violation of the CAN-SPAM act, war liability and liability for occurrences prior to the effective date of coverage. All of the above are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.


Inflatable Amusement Devices, Carnival Rides, Knockerball/Bubble Soccer, Bungee Devices, Fireworks, Mechanical Bucking Devices: Including Multi Ride Attachments, Permanent & Mobile Rock Wall Structures, Security Forces, Trampolines, Zip Lines, and All-Terrain Vehicles.

Special Event Insurance

Wedding and Rehearsal Insurance