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Short-term busines insurance in Bridgeville, PA, Beaver, Butler and surrounding areas.

Do you have a need for a simple, on demand insurance policy?  Maybe you’re employed full time, but a neighbor asked you to paint their dining room.  Or maybe you’re doing some freelance graphic design work, but don’t want year round coverage.

Wouldn’t you like the option to purchase coverage only when you want it?

Buy insurance by the day, week, month, or even by the hour.  And the best part is you can complete the transaction 100% online in minutes!

So let’s be clear here.

An annual policy will provide better coverage in almost all instances.  If you’re doing this work full time, or even more than occasionally, you need an annual general liability policy.

However, some may find an annual policy prohibitively expensive.  On demand coverage should be reserved for low use situations without a product or completed operations exposure.  You’ll need to read the policy to fully understand if this is right for you.

So if you’d like to talk to someone about an annual policy, please call 412-682-6100.

Otherwise click below to find out if you qualify in less than 60 seconds.  You can also view the full policy language and FAQ’s.