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Valentines Day: Unique Gifts for Men Who Suck at Gifts

By February 5, 2021Personal Insurance

Guys, this one’s for you.

More accurately, this one’s to help you guys not screw up Valentine’s day.

Another month, another present to buy.  Didn’t we just finish with Christmas? Well, if you significate other is trapped at home with the kids ,or worse, stuck in the house with you, then she deserves another gift.

The classics can be okay. But, if you are looking for something more unique, here are some thoughts.


Surprise! Most women DO NOT want to cook. We are sick of it. And everything tastes better when someone else made it. So, roll up your sleeves and get to prepping, whip out your credit card for a night out or order her favorite takeout.  Regardless, don’t make her cook.

Oh, and guys, if you are ordering take out consider adding a dessert from a local bakery.


Guys, don’t be a cliche.  You could buy her a heart-shaped something.  Or you could buy something she’ll actually wear.

Really, buy her something meaningful. Put some thought into it.

Maybe a necklace of the date you first met or quote from their favorite movie.  For the moms, they even can take pictures and words your children actually wrote and engrave them on a piece of jewelry.

Bonus: If you put a little thought into it you don’t have to break the bank!


Okay yes, we love flowers. But don’t forget plants too! They keep longer, improve air quality, and they’re cheaper!

Book Flowers, are flowers that can be made from torn out pages of her favorite book. DO NOT actually tear her book up, just provide the information to the person making the flower.

Buy an Experience!

So right now Covid is still going on.  Admittedly, that makes the experience gift more difficult.  So, get creative!

Virtual reality is becoming a popular past time. Can’t afford a real beach, take her to one virtually. They have several locations in and around Pittsburgh that will gear the experience to each person.

Take a cooking class.  This is the exception to the ‘Don’t make her cook rule’ as stated above.

Go wine tasting at a local winery.

DIY shops are popping up all over town. You can book a class to make a sign together or build something nice for the home.

Take a Gun Safety Course, if you are into that kind of thing.

Book a time at the Carnegie Science Center.  As of when this was written, they’re still open.

Use your thinking muscle.  Show her a good time.

Spoil her

Massages are always wonderful. specially when they are actual massages from a professional who just wants paid and not other benefits.

Pedicures and manicures can make a lady feel pretty, and the hour or two out of the house is extra nice nowadays.

A cleaning lady is pretty much top of everyone’s list. Hire someone to come in and deep clean the house for a day.

Overall, Valentine’s day is not about the presents, it is about making your significant other feel loved and appreciated. That is something we should be doing all year but maybe lay it on a little thicker around this time of year.