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Insurance Carrier Recommendations

Homeowners Insurance Recommendations. They’re not asking, they’re telling.

So you bought a new homeowners insurance policy. Congratulations! 

Up next is your home inspection.  Most insurance carriers inspect your home right after coverage is placed.  If inspection issues come to light, the insurance company will send you a ‘Recommendation Letter’.  The funny thing about those ‘recommendations’, they’re usually mandatory.

Go ahead, make my day.

You know that scene in western movies where 2 guys are staring each other down at gun point?  That’s a Mexican standoff.  Then a third guys steps in and flips the odds.  He says something like, “I recommend you drop your gun mister.”  Then he spits in the dirt.  You know the scene I’m talking about.  Well let’s just say, after an insurance company sends out a ‘recommendation letter’, they spit in the dirt.  “I recommend you install a handrail Mister.”

Unless they say otherwise, the insurance carrier will cancel your coverage unless the recommendations are completed.  They’re mandatory recommendations.  Talk about an oxymoron. 

An underwriter will give you a certain amount of time to get your fixes completed.  If they aren’t done in time then the carrier can cancel. 

And above all, you do not want your home insurance to cancel.  A lapse in coverage makes it much more difficult and expensive to insure your home.  Do not let your home insurance lapse.  Repeat that sentence in your head a couple times.

Let’s talk it over

Sometimes, we can negotiate with an insurance carrier.  You may be able to talk them into a time extension or even waiving a rec entirely.  This depends on the carrier, the underwriter and the recommendation.  We see this a lot in the winter.  When the work can’t be completed until spring there will often be an extension granted.

Just be sure to keep in touch with your agent.  Most carriers are reasonable to deal with, but communication is key just like any relationship.