Anyone can promise great service, but not everyone can deliver it. At Hurley Insurance Brokers, we’ve built a culture around doing the right things. But don’t just take our word for it. Read these client testimonials to see exactly what our clients have to say.


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Great service!

Rex ColePA

I am pleased to recommend Kelsey Hurley and Hurley Insurance Brokers. They were a pleasure to work with. Timely in their response, professional, explained everything clearly, canceled the former policies and made everything a breeze!

Thank you so much Kelesy!

Kristine M.Pittsburgh, PA

My company recently signed up for general contracting insurance with Hurley Insurance Brokers. We attempted to go through three other insurance companies, but communication was always slow and questions went unanswered. Hurley Insurance Brokers was the exact opposite. Our agent Brennan was able to answer all questions asked, provided us with a package that was appropriate for our level of business, and assured us that increasing our insurance with them as our business grew would be very easy. If you want a knowledgeable staff, quick communication, and an uncomplicated process, go with Hurley Insurance Brokers.

Trevor KurtzPittsburgh, PA

When you write a review about today’s marketplace, whether brokers. retail stores, restaurants, you usually have to grade on a curve to give a 5 star review. But Hurley Brokers are a throwback to a time when agents came to your house, knew your name (maybe your kids’ names), took time and researched what best fit your needs, and your budget, and were there every time you called.

In the last eight months, Brennan saved us a good deal of money when he dug deep and found a great price on specialty coverage I didn’t want, but was forced to buy. Before that he beaten the already good price from my previous insurer for the year’s coverage, and throughout when I had questions, he responded every single time I emailed…within minutes.

His sharp assistant Kelsey phoned twice today to remind that my policy would expire tomorrow, March 9.

This is 5 Star+ across the board service on anyone’s list, in any time, present or past.
And I’m not sure he wouldn’t come to the house if he had to.

Greg WalkoPennsylvania

5 Stars!

Kathleen PattersonPittsburgh, PA

5 Stars!

Brian NelsonPennsylvania

5 Stars!

Kathleen PattersonPittsburgh, PA

5 Stars!

Kelsey MariePennsylvania

5 Stars!

Jill RachillaChambersburg, PA

Stopped by to get a quick quote, didn’t go through with it but they left a good impression.

Mehtap SikhosisPennsylvania

Five stars!

Brian NelsonPennsylvania