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Kelsey Hurley

Kelsey Hurley

Personal CSR

Kelsey joined the team in 2016 with a background in marketing and graphic design. Since joining she's attained her CISR designation and focuses on personal lines coverage. READ MORE...

HIB: Let’s just jump right into the good stuff.  Tell us about your guilty pleasure.  Don’t worry, no one’s listening.

KELSEY: Definitely 100% the Kardashians.  The funny part is I don’t even watch the new episodes.  I just follow them on all the social media and watch old episodes on YouTube to feel better about myself.  I don’t like watching commercials so I’ll just watch on like YouTube so I can skip the commercials.  I just don’t even know how people can watch commercials.

HIB:  Has anyone ever told you that you look like a celebrity?

KELSEY: I have been told that I look like Lindsay Lohan before crack cocaine.  So like “Parent Trap” Lindsay Lohan.  And when we first started dating one of my husband’s friends called me Meg Ryan.  Not sure about either of those really.

HIB:  Lindsay Lohan was like 12 then?  How long ago did you hear this?  Never mind, moving on.  Do you have a go to karaoke song?  I can’t wait to hear this one.

KELSEY: Oh I can make song any ‘Kelsey karaoke song’.  I don’t know the words to pretty much any song, so I just wing it.  Who needs to know the words? But I guess the only songs that I would know are song from “A Knight’s Tale”.  Growing up I didn’t have like any cd’s, but I did have “A Knight’s Tale” soundtrack cd.  So I pretty much know every single word to any song on “A Knight’s Tale”.  And my husband picks on me if I sing a song and know the words he goes, ‘Oh that must be “A Knight’s Tale”’.

HIB: Do you have a favorite charity?

KELSEY: I don’t really have a favorite charity specifically, but I do have my favorite.. causes I guess.  Definitely animals and now that I’m a mom anything with kids.

HIB:  So if you weren’t working in insurance what would your dream job be?

KELSEY: I used to want to be a dog walker.  But now that idea just sounds like way too much work.  Now?  What would my job be?  I guess maybe a fitness instructor.  It’s a lot of hard work but I like working out and I like motivating other people to work out.  I don’t know what I would teach, but I think that would be fun.  Yeah, something like that.

HIB:  You keep bringing up animals, so I guess you have pets.

KELSEY: I have 2 dogs.  I have a chi-weenie. So he’s just a little 10 pound chihuahua-dachshund, a little pistol named Charlie.  And I have a lab.  He’s probably I’d say like 100 pounds of pure love.  His name is Gus.  Burton Guster to be specific and Charlie is actually Charles Xavier.

HIB: So is it safe to call you a dog person?

KELSEY: I would say so.

HIB: Last meal request? Annnd go..

KELSEY: Ooh, would probably be ribs.  I love me some ribs.  We actually had that for my wedding, it was the only thing I was sure that I wanted.

HIB: Okay, money’s no obstacle and you’ve got all the time in the world.  Where are you going on vacation?

KELSEY: I really don’t know, I like cities, but I like being in the woods.  So my dream vacation would be like a … compli …. complimation … what’s the word I’m looking for?

HIB: We’re definitely putting complimation on the web site.

KELSEY: Oh please don’t.  HA!  Anyways, I just want to see it all and do it all.  I wanna be in the city for a little bit and then maybe go to the woods and maybe go hiking.  I’m one of those people, I like a plan.  I like to know what the city has to offer.  I definitely do not like to wing it.

HIB: Do you have a most memorable vacation you’d like to share?

KELSEY:  Most memorable vacation would probably be Moab, Utah. Because when you’re in Moab it is, unbel.., it’s like unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  You’re walking around and you feel like you’re in prehistoric times.  Living in PA I’m used to it being green, and going there is just desert, and it’s just its own different type of beauty.  Not to mention that’s where I got engaged, so just emotionally and visually pleasing.

HIB: Okay last question.  Which way do you put the TP on the roll?

KELSEY:  Toilet paper over. I’m the type of person that if I’m at someone’s house and their toilet paper is under I will switch it.  So you’re welcome everybody.

HIB: That seems to be the consensus.