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Joan  Batson (retired)

Joan Batson (retired)

Joan retired from Hurley Insurance at the end of 2020. We are forever in her debt for her dedication and hard work. Thank you Joan, enjoy your retirement!

HIB: Hi Joan, so to start, tell us a little about your life before insurance.  Did you have a favorite job before joining the team?

JOAN: One of the more fun jobs that I had was when I managed a book store.  I got to help people make decisions about books they were going to read and pick the books we ordered.  It was a lot of fun.

HIB: So are you a reader then?

JOAN: Yes, Dave (husband) and I love to read.  Years ago when the kids were young we gave up watching TV entirely.  So we got out of the habit of watching TV and instead, in the evening we’ll go outside and read a book.  I’ll pick up anything really.  Fiction, non-fiction, all of the above. I read a lot.  Although I will say we do watch sports on TV.  We’re into baseball, hockey and football.

HIB: So what’s your favorite Olympic event.

JOAN: The winter Olympics primarily.  The skiing and the snowboarding and really any of the winter events.  And I’m a huuuuge figure skating freak.  My family will go away and leave me alone so I can watch the figure skaters.  And we love watching the hockey on the winter Olympics.  It’s just amazing.

HIB: Do you have a favorite charity you like to donate to?

JOAN: OOOH, either in food banks, local dog shelters, and a couple other charities that help out wildlife and battling red tide.  Do people know I’m a remote worker in Florida.

HIB: They do now.  Tell me about your most memorable vacation.

JOAN:  Dave and I traveled on our motorcycle, camping up to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.   Not only was the location absolutely stunning with the mountains and the ocean.  Getting up to Cape Breton, it was almost like you were in a different world.  Everything that could go wrong did go wrong, and yet it was still such a great experience.  We almost burned down a shelter, it rained constantly and it was cold the whole time. But it was beautiful.  We got halibut for fifteen cents a pound, so we spent fifty cents and told him to keep the change.

HIB: Okay I think that’s good.

JOAN: We’re done, oh that was so easy.  You didn’t ask me about the TP over the top.  I’m a TP over the top person.  Actually I go around sometimes and make sure they’re all right.  Also I wanted to point out that Miracle Whip isn’t mayonnaise and Cool Whip isn’t whipped cream.  Make sure that makes it in.

HIB:  Duly noted!