Jessica Liebe

Jessica Liebe

Commercial CSR

When Jessica joined the HIB team in June of 2020, she was already a seasoned vet with AIS and AINS designations. Jessica is the primary point of contact for day to day service of commercial insurance with Hurley Insurance Brokers. READ MORE...

HIB: Hi Jessica.

JESS:  You can call me Jess.

HIB: Will do Jessica.  So, what do you think, should we let the cat out of the bag right away?

JESS: Go for it.

HIB: Okay so for those who don’t know, Jess doesn’t live in PA.  Tell us about your town.

JESS: Well, I’m in dead central Wisconsin.

HIB: What are your winters like there?  I picture blizzards like 10 months a year.

JESS:  Um, it really depends.  For us since we are so central, we don’t get it as bad as up north gets and actually they’ll get it a little worse south of us too.  It really depends on the year, but a lot of times we’ll get like 3 or 4 inches and you go south like literally 30 minutes and they’re in a whiteout.  It really just depends which way the wind is blowing.

HIB: So, no guarantee of apocalyptic snow storms every year.

JESS: No, we get em, but not every year.  The nice thing here compared to where I’m originally from, born and raised in South Dakota, there are actually trees here to block the wind and snow and all that stuff.

HIB: Do you get into the winter sports at all?  Snowmobiling, skiing, snowmoboarding?  I just made up a new winter sport, I think.

JESS: Um, no.  Not at all.  My in-laws are snowmobilers and my son is definitely getting into it.  I’ve skied once and literally ran into a billboard.  Never again.  So yeah, maybe some ice fishing every once in a while, but really give me a nice fire inside and we’re good to go.

HIB: Tell us about your family.

JESS: We there are 3 of us.  My son just turned 13, so, you know, teenager now.  My husband and I have been married for 14 years, so big 15 coming up.  We have 2 dogs, Whiskey and our newest one Kona.  And that’s our little family.

HIB:  So, for reference, this conversation is taking place in 2020.  People might read this in a couple years and forget, but right now a lot of things are shut down due to COVID.  So, since we’re in lockdown, what are some things you’re doing to keep you sane?

JESS: This is going to sound weird. I would have to say, I don’t do it all the time, but it does help with the stress, I like to go to the shooting range.  And I like to go shoot my gun.

HIB:  Okay there Annie Oakley.  So, when you end up in the clink, what’s your last meal?

JESS: Oh gosh.  Give me a big old steak, and some…..baked potatoes, and probably some corn on the cob.  That definitely is…

HIB: Wait you forgot the best part, what about dessert?

JESS: Oh gosh, oh probably a chocolate cake.  Good old-fashioned chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

HIB: Now would you be making it yourself?

JESS: Well I use to love making everything but now with the family, and sports, well before covid, but yeah, I like making cakes and breads.  Not like real bread, but more like banana breads, zucchini bread, that kind of stuff.

HIB:  Now are you more of a DIY or call someone?

JESS:  Total DIY, I always got crap because I have done my own oil and brakes and struts, which is not easy.  I don’t recommend you ever do it. So yeah, I like to do the DIY, I probably have more tools than my husband.  He is the tech guy and I am the fixer person.

HIB: Last questions we always ask everyone, So toilet paper, under or over?

JESS: Over, you have to follow the patent! I will debate you through and through but there is a patent!

HIB: IF you go somewhere will you change it?

JESS: You bet I will!

HIB: There you go, welcome to the team our fast shootin’, toilet paper vigilante Jessica Liebe.