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Holly  Hamilton

Holly Hamilton

Personal CSR
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Holly came to the HIB team in 2020 and brought with her 25 years of insurance experience and encyclopedic industry knowledge. READ MORE...

HIB: Hi Holly,

Holly: Hi.


HIB: Okay let’s start off with, if you weren’t selling insurance what would you be doing?

Holly: Well my dream job would be something with animals, mainly dogs.  I don’t know, maybe a dog walker or dog groomer.


HIB: You know that’s a super attainable goal right?

Holly: Yeah well.   My heart’s in insurance.  We’ll stick with that for now.


HIB: Okay a dog lover.  Do you have dogs?

Holly: I had two dogs.  Actually I rescued two dogs but they recently passed away. So, uh, I’m taking a little break right now.  But I like any type of dog.  I happened to have the two, um, they were mother and daughter shih tzus..

All: Ahhhhhhhh…

Holly (cont): ..mother and daughter shih tzhus that I rescued.  But really I just love all dogs.


HIB: If you won the lottery what would be the fun stuff you would do?  You know, after 5 o’clock when you got off work for the day.

Holly: Yeah.. after 5.  I would actually, probably… sell my house.  I would travel. Like I would have a little tiny house here where  my family lives.  And then I would just travel.


HIB: After 5.

Holly: Sure, after 5.


HIB: Would you RV it or stay in the hotels?

Holly: I actually think about this all the time, so I would like to do both. And I mean I’ve really thought about this.  I really would love to do both.  I would love to have an airstream and I would like to travel like that, I’d also like to travel outside the country and stay in nicer hotels.


HIB: What is the fartherest you have every traveled?

Holly: Uh probably I guess Colorado. Both of my children are out there.  They love it and aren’t planning on coming back.  So I guess one day I will probably end out out there as well.


HIB: Do you have a favorite season?

Holly: I like warm, yeah.  Hate the winter, hate the rain.  I mean I love summer, I like fall.  I really like fall, I just don’t.., I know what’s coming after fall so I guess that would  mean summer is probably my favorite.  But I am into the pumpkin spice and the fall flavors, you know.


HIB: If you had a last meal what would you request,

Holly: Ooh, so some type of delicious pasta.  I know that’s a pretty simple answer, but I love pasta.  Give me a nice red sauce.  And not sweet.  I do not like a sweet sauce.


HIB: And you forgot about the best part.  What about dessert?

Holly: Oh yeah,  no, I didn’t forget I was just going there.  Definitely a cheesecake.  Like a sweet cheesecake like a crème brulee cheesecake ideally.  And actually I just made one.


HIB: Oh wow, are you a baker then?

Holly: I love to bake, I like to cook. I make it all. Right now I am going to make pumpkin gobs.


HIB: Other than baking, what have you been doing to keep yourself sane during Covid?

Holly: Well, fortunately, I’ve always been a bit of a home body anyways. I like to stay home, so I haven’t been affected that bad.  But I did start doing like Pilates DVD’s, you know so that helped me. But I am a home body so..   And I just made myself sound really boring.  There’s the lady that bakes and does Pilates in her house.


HIB: Yeah you did.  Ha. Have you been binging Netflix too?

Holly: I think everyone has.  I’ve been re-watching the Office and Seinfeld episodes.


HIB: I think you just became relatable again.

Holly: Right!  Who doesn’t love The Office and Seinfeld!


HIB: Changing gears, are you more of a DIY person or call someone?

Holly: Umm… Well, let’s say I try to do it myself, and probably 80% of the time need to call for help. Yeah.  I’m a lot better outside the house than inside.


HIB: Okay last question.  You ready?

Holly: Yep


HIB: Toilet paper, over or under?

Holly: Definitely over no question.


HIB: Sounds like you will fit right in.  Welcome to the team Holly!