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Brennan Hurley

Brennan Hurley

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Brennan Hurley joined the family business shortly after it's formation in 2009. Since then he's earned CIC and CISR designations. Brennan's primary focuses are working with new customers and management of the business. READ MORE...

HIB: So I understand you rock out at karaoke.

BRENNAN: Ha, I would say that statement is a little outdated.  There was a time, I was.. We’re talking a while ago.  But my go to’s were Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry and Banditos by the Refreshments.  But yeah, I rocked them.

HIB: Okay since those days are over, what’s an evening look like now?

BRENNAN: Well, let’s see. We have a young kid, so I’m gonna say that’s where the bulk of free time goes.  He’s a lot of fun though.  Number 2 is Guster, our lab.  He demands being walked and run all the time, so there’s Gus time.  I play roller hockey once or twice a week.  Before you ask, I stink.  Like bad.  And then every once in a while I go backpacking.  Usually a couple times a year and I love that.  Oh and we have a standing game night a lot of Saturdays.  We play nerdy board games with friends.  Real deal nerd stuff, orcs and wizards and the whole deal.

HIB: Can you talk about a favorite charity of yours?

BRENNAN: Mm.. good question.  I’m gonna say that’s a moving target.  I like to donate to vets and animals.  Ideally I like the ones that train service dogs for wounded vets.  It’s trickier donating than you might think though.  You want your money used wisely, you know.  So we usually end up switching it up yearly.

HIB: We’re asking everyone, TP over the top or rolled under?

BRENNAN: Hasn’t everyone seen the patent photo by now showing the TP over the top.  I can’t believe this was ever in question.

HIB: That was meant to be a lighthearted question, let’s try again.  Guilty pleasure TV show?

BRENNAN: Ha. I’m not mad, just sure about the answer to the TP question.  Anyway, A-Team.  Always has been, always will be my favorite.  I’m not sure that’s a guilty pleasure, that’s just a quality program.  It still holds up 30 years later.

HIB: If you say so.  So are you a watch the movie or read the book kind of guy?

BRENNAN: I want to say book to sound smarter.  But nope, watch the movie.

HIB: Any favorites?

BRENNAN: Dumb & Dumber and Supertroopers.  Hilarious.  Oh and The Life of Brian as well.  I’ll add that my wife can’t stand any of them.  You have to have the catholic upbringing to get Life of Brian.

HIB:  DIY or call an expert?

BRENNAN:  Before insurance, I was a contractor.  So I’ve got a pretty good collection of tools and carpentry skills.  I would say that my skill set is eroding though.  So for now DIY, but ask again in a couple years and we’ll see if that answer holds up.  I can tell you for sure that my estimates on how long something will take to DIY are way, way off at this point.  I think I can do things in 20 minutes and it ends up taking days.  Use it or lose it right?

HIB: Any closing thoughts you’d like to share about yourself?

BRENNAN: Ah… well.  Trying to think of something interesting.  Give me a sec.  Oh how about some other jobs I had.  I had a bunch growing up.  I worked as a cobbler’s assistant for a while.  Somehow I actually thought I wanted to be a cobbler.  That passed.  I drove an ice cream truck for a summer.  That was great.  Also worked at a juvie home.  They shipped in kids from Philly that were in trouble.  Ah yeah.. carpenter and owned a construction company, but I mentioned that already.  I did undercover security at grocery stores and that was, it was interesting, but I don’t recommend it.  I think that’s it.  If anyone asks, I’ll give them the funny stories from those jobs, but I don’t think we should put it on the website.

HIB: You heard it here first folks.