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Beth Ladzinski

Beth Ladzinski

Personal CSR
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Beth joined the HIB team in 2021. She began her career in commercial insurance, but found her passion in personal lines coverage in 2007. READ MORE...

HIB: Hi Beth how are you doing?

Beth: I’m good.  Ready.


HIB: Okay, let’s start off talking about your family.

Beth: I’m Married, I have two daughters and four grandkids, and my dad.  My dad lives with me and I take care of him. Umm, my parents were foster parents.


HIB: Holy cow, before we started you gave me this speech about how you’re a private person and here we are 10 seconds in you’re blowing my mind!

Beth:  That’s not that private.  But yeah, there were 10 kids in the house at all times.


HIB: Wow, that’s amazing, your parents are saints!   That’s a tough one to follow, but tell me about your hobbies.

Beth:  Well, I love to garden, anything outdoorsy. I love to hike, anything out in nature. I spend a lot of time out at the beach.


HIB:  And if you weren’t selling insurance what would you be doing?

Beth:  Can I say laying on the beach? Well, I worked in banking for 16 years. The comapany went out of business and that is how I got into insurance I enjoy insurance much more than banking.


HIB:  How did a bank go out of business?

Beth:  Wasn’t me..


HIB: Are you much of a foodie?

Beth:  I wouldn’t say foodie, am not but my favorite food is all food. I don’t have a favorite, but my go to would be seafood. Or pizza.


HIB: Can’t go wrong with pizza.  Well, unless you add seafood..

Beth: A seafood pizza is phenominal.


HIB: Hard pass, more for you.  So who does the cooking?

Beth: I do.  I mean my husband does cook but I do most of it.


HIB: Are you a good cook?

Beth:  Yeah, I’m okay I guess.


HIB: No need to be modest.  I’m going to write whatever I want anyway.

Beth:  Ha, yes I’m a good cook.


HIB:  Do you grill too?

Beth: No, not really.  I can, but my husband does most of the grilling.  It is a little tough because my husband is very disciplined. He doesn’t eat sugar, bread. He is very disciplined.  And that’s why he’s 215 lbs of solid muscle.


HIB:  You’re both very fitness oriented, right?

Beth: Yeah we both try to stay healthy.  It gets harder the older you get though.


HIB:  What type of exercise do you prefer?

Beth: I lift because my husband makes me, but I’d say I am more into yoga and cardio.


HIB: What about pets?

Beth:  Oh yeah, I have three dogs. Kane and Lily who, they’re german shepherds and Chewy.  Chewy is a yorkie-bichon mix. He is a little s***. He is a yapper.


HIB:  You know this is a family show, right?  It’s ok, I’ll just put asterisks when I type it up so no one can tell what you’re saying.  Although I will say I’ve done several of these interviews and I think this is the first one we had to censor.

How did you come up with Kane?

Beth:  My daughter came up with Kane. I’m not sure, I didn’t know what to name him so she said Kane and I was like okay sounds good.


HIB:  Is she is into the bibile and misspelling.

Beth:  I doubt that.


HIB:   Next question, DIY or call someone?

Beth:  DIY, for sure.


HIB:  What kind of stuff do you get into?  Do you change your oil, your electrical?

Beth:  Well when it comes to cars my husband does it. But I’ll tackle anything in the house.  I mean I can use a hammer.  I can use a saw.  If I need a backsplash in the kitchen I can do it.


HIB: Hey YouTube exists, right?

Beth:  Yep, HGTV is my favorite show.


HIB:  Do you have favorite season?

Beth: Summer.


HIB:  Easy answer for a beach person, is there a second runner up?

Beth: Fall.


HIB:  Yep, I would have guess fall.  I’m getting you figured out.  Okay, last questions we ask everyone; Toliet paper under or over?

Beth:  Ha, oh definitely over.


HIB:  If you go to an ‘under-roller’s’ house, will you change it.

Beth: Oh yes, absolutely.  And my husband is famous for changing it to under at our house just to irritate me.


HIB:  Spoiler alert, guess what someone’s getting for Christmas…