Karley Schlosser

Karley Schlosser

Commercial CSR

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Karley Anderson (now Karley Schlosser) joined the Hurley Insurance Brokers team in February of 2019.  She's has been in the insurance industry since 2013 with training in personal, commercial and farm insurance.  Karley now focuses on the commercial insurance needs of her clients. READ MORE...

HIB: Hey Karley, so we gotta hear about your kiddos first.

Karley: Oh my kids are fantastic.  Logan, my daughter is unstoppable.  She gives me a run for my money for sure.  She never stops and she climbs everything.  To the point where her father even wants to put a rock wall on the swing set outside so she can climb and feel accomplished at the end of it.   And my step son Gabriel is just the sweetest little boy.  I mean really such a good kid.  He listens and just.. You say goodnight and he says sweet dreams back, it’s so sweet.  And he’s the best big brother and just adores his sister.

HIB: So are you a TP over the top person or rolled underneath.

KARLEY: Oh, ha! I don’t care.  I’ve never understood why that is such a big debate and why people care at all!

HIB: What’s a typical weekend look like for Karley.

KARLEY: Most of my time is spent with my kids and chasing around my daugher.  She loves to be outside so we spend a lot of time in the yard and on the swings.  We have a local reservoir that we’re a part of, so as soon as the weather is nice we like to spend some time there.  There’s a nice beach and there’s a nice playground, so that’s where we’ll spend a lot of time on the weekends or after dinner.

HIB: and what about when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

KARLEY: In the winter, I’m a big Harry Potter movie marathon type of person.  I love Harry Potter.  My fiancé hates it, but the kids like it, so that’s all that matters.

HIB: I’m indifferent toward Harry Potter.

KARLEY: You’re crazy, I love Harry Potter.

HIB: Okay, DIY or call an expert.

KARLEY: That depends on the project.  We just called an expert to quote getting us a new fence and the quote was astronomical.  So now I have decided that we are going to DIY it.  So I guess it depends on the project.  My fiancé’s very handy so I have full confidence.  He’s super handy and he has a mind where if you put a project in front of him he will figure out how to do it. And I told him it has to be done, so there’s that.

HIB: What’s your go to drink?

KARLEY: If I do drink alcohol the only thing I would drink would be hard cider, but I really like Pepsi.  And it has to be caffeine free.  I gave up caffeine when I got pregnant and now I can’t handle caffeine.  And it was super easy to give up.

HIB: Apple or Android.

KARLEY: Oh Apple for sure.

HIB: Oh you’re one of them.

KARLEY: Yep I’m one of them.

HIB: Well know that.  Anything else we need to know about you?  Special talents, are you a closet floutist or anything?

KARLEY: No not at all.  I’m not musically inclined at all.  My fiancé is though, so it’s quite hysterical if you put the two of us together to try to sing a song.  But I will tell you that my dream concert would be Bob Seger.  He’s.. he’s my man.  I love him very much.

HIB: Thank you for volunteering that.

KARLEY: I love him.