Things to keep in mind.

  • Dont’ get stuck.
    • The overall assessment should only take 30-45 minutes.  Don’t get bogged down.
  • Complete all 4 tests within 3 days.
    • We’ve got to be fair to all candidates so let’s keep this moving.
  • Follow the instructions carefully.
    • No, really, read the instructions.
  • Use a computer.
    • Don’t try to complete this on a cell phone.  It won’t work.
  • Use your judgement.
    • If something is unclear, use your best judgement and move on.
  • Don’t overthink it!
    • We’re not trying to ‘git you’.  We’re just assessing your existing skill set to see if we’ll be a good fit.


Click the button below and you’ll be given instructions to format a document in a Word (or whatever equivalent you have available).  You’ll have 10 minutes from the time you click the button to submit the document.

What we’re assessing.

  1. Basic computer skills.
  2. Spelling, grammar and formatting.
  3. Ability to follow directions.
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